Will It Big Mac? Taste Test

Jul 27, 2020
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Today, we're answering the age old question... Will It Big Mac? GMM #1780
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  • Will it bacon rap

    Gabriel EdwardsGabriel Edwards2 hours ago
  • How many times is that dork gonna say "infused"???

    ranger1986karanger1986ka22 hours ago
  • Catalogue:Eatons

    Shania WahlerShania Wahler23 hours ago
  • invite goldon ramsay

    Andrew LiuAndrew Liu2 days ago
  • Rhett looking like all might

    Jossie YanJossie Yan2 days ago
  • finally an episode that hits deep in my soul

    Marc CarlsonMarc Carlson4 days ago
  • I love when you know an episode is gunna start with. "Today we ask the age old question will it _________"

    KeefmiesterKeefmiester6 days ago
  • that breakfast burger looked really good

    MasterMemeMasterMeme7 days ago
  • I honestly don’t mind having not to see the usual 30 gags per second anymore. I am always in awe how Josh could make anything delicious and that in itself made the show a lot more interesting. Just amazement of his talent.

    Arianne VillarealArianne Villareal7 days ago
  • I really wanna eat those burgers man 😗

    Andy HuiAndy Hui8 days ago
  • This show is running dry

    MyBlackis B-U-T-fulMyBlackis B-U-T-ful8 days ago
  • I’m eating a Big Mac rn swear my phone stalking me

    jordannnjordannn8 days ago
  • That’d be funny if the first one was called “Biggie Cheese”.

    Dio BrandoDio Brando9 days ago
  • Next year GMM should rent a restaurant for the summer in LA and serve Will it’s food.

    Daniel RodriguezDaniel Rodriguez9 days ago
  • man rhett looking like the type of dude who ends up in a yoga cult on an island in this one

    dargisdargis9 days ago
  • ryan's toy review

    Zoe StalcupZoe Stalcup9 days ago
  • ur beautiful ✨☁️💫⚡️🌙 ✰

    sofia.sofia.10 days ago
  • i think a will it candle episode would be absolutely hilarious

    LilMapleLilMaple10 days ago
  • I wanna meet Rhett bc he reminds me of my dad who passed away in 2017 may 20 he even looks like him

    Dylan ElmoreDylan Elmore11 days ago
  • I wonder how much bigger burgers will get, in the us

    Luca MoLuca Mo11 days ago
  • Waiting for GMM to get Gordon Ramsey on the show

    Basil MalekBasil Malek11 days ago
  • I miss the cheeseburger in paradise doritos

    SmithKittyKatSmithKittyKat12 days ago
  • The only episode where they mix only normal food and nothing nasty

    S7VAN Gaming And UnboxingS7VAN Gaming And Unboxing13 days ago
  • ᕙ( ͡◉ ͜ ʖ ͡◉)ᕗ

    Jeff SipesJeff Sipes13 days ago
  • I'm convinced their writers only want to do all of these food challenges because ......leftovers 👁👄👁

    Joe ReynoldsJoe Reynolds15 days ago
  • Josh is a beast

    King David631King David63115 days ago
  • I'm also Cole from Brookings South Dakota. Small world!

    Cole HarrisCole Harris15 days ago
  • megalovania

    pubudu chinthakapubudu chinthaka15 days ago
  • Josh: Kung Pao Cheese Rhett: KUNG PAO CHEESE

    Abe KatzAbe Katz16 days ago
  • They should have called it the dorito Mac

    josiah hairjosiah hair17 days ago
  • idk about you guys but the Dennys breakfast big mac one reminded me of the "jelly patty" from Spongebob Squarepants episode 🤔🤔😅😅🤣🤣

    Paula RinconPaula Rincon17 days ago
  • Link’s face when Josh said “snail eggs” 😂

    M. StroudM. Stroud17 days ago
  • Love liiiink and rhett

    Jasaman Shafabakhsh vux VuxelevJasaman Shafabakhsh vux Vuxelev17 days ago
  • Will it chili cheese tops

    Jasaman Shafabakhsh vux VuxelevJasaman Shafabakhsh vux Vuxelev17 days ago
  • You guys make my days better get on hulu or something

    Sean MartinSean Martin18 days ago
  • Thats because big macs are cooked with snails

    Riddle Me FishRiddle Me Fish18 days ago
  • Will it goldfish?

    The Beta ClientThe Beta Client19 days ago
    • real fish

      Kyle Berger-NorthKyle Berger-North16 days ago

    Kevin MortimerKevin Mortimer19 days ago
  • When they said "Slowest creature on the planet" I had a moment of panic, because I thought they were going to say "The sloth" :c

    Kuzey EylikseverKuzey Eyliksever20 days ago
  • thts the doritos slogan "its hard to swollow its great to taste". lmao

    Roberto CamachoRoberto Camacho20 days ago
  • i really want that doritos big mac...

    Callie BCallie B22 days ago
  • For a second there I thought the Queen sweep dream was gonna go bye bye

    oof publisheroof publisher23 days ago
  • So we're just going to ignore the disturbing umbrella-impaled old lady story Rhett threw in there?

    Tiffany AllenTiffany Allen23 days ago
  • You know the snail really wasn't bad when Link goes in for a second bite

    Kukaburr94Kukaburr9424 days ago
  • documentary

    Erica ValiniErica Valini24 days ago
  • I want josh to make me something like that

    Pierre MikhaelPierre Mikhael25 days ago
  • paul joseph watson

    Mel AntepuestoMel Antepuesto25 days ago
    • What a Save!

      Kyle Berger-NorthKyle Berger-North16 days ago
  • Video idea “ WILL IT SUSHI”

    Emily BurtonEmily Burton26 days ago
  • I love that Link puts the emphasis on Mac and not big

    AngelAlexAngelAlex27 days ago
  • Didnt they already do this?

    Lord DampNutLord DampNut28 days ago
  • Rhett already looks like a cave man and how he's eating isnt helping

    gerald duckgerald duck29 days ago
  • That hair is crazy.

    Robert HarmonRobert HarmonMonth ago
  • Get Josh on Chopped. His culinary skills never fail to amaze me

    Mal AhmMal AhmMonth ago
  • I like how they made the summer time edition of GMM begin on the last few weeks of summer vacation

    Jordan PandoJordan PandoMonth ago
  • 7:07-7:09 play this at my funeral

    Andrew RAndrew RMonth ago
  • If y'all made like a how to video for these odd things you make, i would definetly watch and possibly make these recipes! Please please please 🤤

    Lilly SernaLilly SernaMonth ago
  • How did I miss this?

    CB123CB123Month ago
  • Ive been watching these guys for legit 3 years now i love them so much

    hdhahd hevejskhdhahd hevejskMonth ago
  • I wish I was neither of you because I don’t like McDonalds

    Akuma RenjaAkuma RenjaMonth ago
  • Why does Rhett look like you can be the leader of my favorite band

    CheckMate_ MeraCheckMate_ MeraMonth ago
  • im just over here munchin on some gram crackers wanting this stuff

    Swaggy PickleSwaggy PickleMonth ago
  • 6:52 Rhett you genius, "Lettuce try it to see what we think about it"

    Exilary GAiM3ZExilary GAiM3ZMonth ago
  • big mac is a skin mac compared to these Mac daddies of mac and cheese macs!

    Lonewolf ProductionsLonewolf ProductionsMonth ago
    • explain your thinking

      Kyle Berger-NorthKyle Berger-North16 days ago
  • You guys should do a “will it tooth paste”

  • BeefCake!!!

    TreyTreyMonth ago
  • If it's comming from Lefty's check the DNA They use ground up abortions baby's filler in it haha yeah They do Hollywood Lefty's are Evil Pedifiles and cannabils

    Dog DogDog DogMonth ago
  • rhett and link are literally bill and ted

    Anabel PeckAnabel PeckMonth ago
  • “Will it Bread?”

    Jes fo funJes fo funMonth ago
  • You guys really saved me this summer/this year. Thanks to you and your mythical crew for coming back more full time. Love you guys!

    djangoDakotidjangoDakotiMonth ago
  • you guys should do Will it French Fry!

    Priyal TalwarPriyal TalwarMonth ago
  • taste test

    Kelly TrinhKelly TrinhMonth ago
  • This is the best talk show on the internet and the entire world. TV cant compete

    Jonathon [REDACTED]Jonathon [REDACTED]Month ago
  • Can Josh somehow be eligible to get Michelin stars?

    Alvaro GironAlvaro GironMonth ago
  • Srumpkins?

    Alex HatchAlex HatchMonth ago
  • Escargot Robbie.

    Jaded KateJaded KateMonth ago
  • As we were watching this one we wondered...is it an inside joke that Link says “queen sweep” or does he really not know that it CLEAN sweet? 🤔🤷🏻‍♀️😂

    MaggieQ06MaggieQ06Month ago
  • Lets just all take a moment to thank mythical chef Josh, cus he is doing a damn great job on all of these!!

    Tobias TTobias TMonth ago
  • I really want that Mctakeout!

    johanazharijohanazhariMonth ago
  • Rhett grows a whole beard. Linke still wears glasses

    RiskyRiskyMonth ago
    • I'm link and I'm a woman now

      What you were thinkingWhat you were thinkingMonth ago
  • Hey, Cole from Brookings, SD. I live an hour away from you 😂

    Brooklynn BBrooklynn BMonth ago
  • Who remembers will it taco

    the speed of legosthe speed of legosMonth ago
    • I do

      What you were thinkingWhat you were thinkingMonth ago
  • I also call restaurants stores

    Mason DrummondMason DrummondMonth ago
  • “Maple, beef, breakfast sausage.” Josh you’re incredible. You need an I inscribed on a red onesie for that one 😂

    Zay ThovenZay ThovenMonth ago
  • Please tell josh to be more brutal with the bad will its , he just just transforms the gross food like julia roberts in pretty woman and that's brilliant but too easy for them to eat , no challenge .

    shamoiel hasanshamoiel hasanMonth ago
  • I've had McDonalds about 4 times in the last 4 years twice for breakfast Wich is actually good and twice with my friend who loves McDonalds It was pretty disgusting and super salty.

    colorado timecolorado timeMonth ago
    • @What you were thinking Yeah i like to avoid fast food at all costs. The only time I will ever like going to McDonald's would be for breakfast and even still I would rather go to somewhere else like starvin arvin's or first watch I don't know if you have any of those restaurants near you but there way better than McDonald's.

      colorado timecolorado timeMonth ago
    • Ikr no good

      What you were thinkingWhat you were thinkingMonth ago
  • I love when link takes a bite he stares directly at the camera. When Rhett takes a bite he’s just looking at the food

    fallinfast98fallinfast98Month ago
    • It's my style

      What you were thinkingWhat you were thinkingMonth ago
  • Split screen to Josh when he's talking guys.. come on!!

    Alias:NickAlias:NickMonth ago
  • Could anyone imagine if they had Gordon Ramsay eat this xD

    Symphonic WavesSymphonic WavesMonth ago
  • when your umbrella goes through an old lady

    Deputy Fish GillsDeputy Fish GillsMonth ago
  • Why does Rhett with a manbun look like jake the viking

    Matthew ThomannMatthew ThomannMonth ago
  • I love u guys!!

    Isaac GrondahlIsaac GrondahlMonth ago
  • It's when Rachel Green tried to make dessert, cheesecake and beef.

    Sirine ShamseddineSirine ShamseddineMonth ago
  • Josh is a food engineer

    MickMickMonth ago
  • why are the subtitles always on when i watching gmm but only here

    HerobaldHerobaldMonth ago
    • That's how we do business

      What you were thinkingWhat you were thinkingMonth ago
  • I just came back and why does Rhett look like Bigfoot

    999 Forever999 ForeverMonth ago
  • can you please get gordon ramsay on show!!!!!! for a will it episode!!!!!

    SephiriyaSephiriyaMonth ago
  • I was thinkin' "I wanna see Rhett in a man bun" in the first half of the video but THEN HE SUDDENLY DID ON THE SECOND HALF

    Marinelle SargentoMarinelle SargentoMonth ago
  • 2:19 Link looking like Jared the Footlong Lover.

    Tristano 227Tristano 227Month ago
  • Snail burger worked. I am left astonished.

    Jessie HogueJessie HogueMonth ago
  • mcdonalds store

    KdKdMonth ago