Will It Breakfast Burrito? Taste Test

Oct 12, 2020
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Popeye's burrito? 7-Eleven burrito? Today, we ask the age old question... Will It Breakfast Burrito? GMM #1830
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    Good Mythical MorningGood Mythical Morning12 days ago
    • @hashtagmate things change.

      NemisionNemision2 days ago

      hashtagmatehashtagmate7 days ago
    • i really hope that honey doesnt put a discount code that will stop my chances of winning

      John RoweJohn Rowe7 days ago
    • They should do a 'Will it Perfume or Cologne', and the last and grossiest one should litreally be eau de toilette >D

      Lucinda MobleyLucinda Mobley8 days ago
    • Please do a Will It bracket with the best Will its?

      DrD00mz DayDrD00mz Day8 days ago
  • Will it mythical t-shirt?

    OverLord-Cheez_Bite 93OverLord-Cheez_Bite 935 hours ago
  • Will it ice cream

    V PV P9 hours ago
  • We used to have a burrito at popeyes. It was great! It had a tender and red beans inside!

    Jamie HaydenJamie Hayden15 hours ago
  • "Today we ask the age old question.. Will it breakfast burrito? Let's talk about that."

    camerafishcamerafish19 hours ago
  • I come back to watch gmm after like 3 years of not watching them and Rhett looks like a Norse God.

    Miyamoto D. GuttsMiyamoto D. GuttsDay ago
  • will it quesadilla

    Philip JunsayPhilip JunsayDay ago
  • @2:27 link looks like will ferrell doing his harry caray bit

    Dustin WarrenDustin WarrenDay ago
  • I LOVE zebra popcorn !!!!

    Haven MirousHaven Mirous2 days ago
  • Damn, the new opening is weird, I kinda don't like it

    Animative PivotAnimative Pivot2 days ago
  • i was eating while watching this video. at first it was okay, then we hit the last burrito... i had to put MY burrito down

    The Amazing AlexThe Amazing Alex2 days ago

    Rman NayrRman Nayr2 days ago
  • IT'S A DEEP FRIED BURRITO!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rman NayrRman Nayr2 days ago
  • damn those shirts are reaaaally pretty

    luwheezeluwheeze2 days ago
  • Do Will It Silly String

    Dillon CrawleyDillon Crawley2 days ago
  • 13:20 at 1.25 speed

    Ian McKeownIan McKeown3 days ago
  • Do “Will it Wellington” and do retakes on beef wellingtons! But I think josh should make his best beef Wellington so you have something to compare it to!

    Iluvcheesecake6969Iluvcheesecake69693 days ago
  • I watched 3 separate videos of people playing instruments during brain surgery after Rhett mentioned it.

    Regan ElizabethRegan Elizabeth3 days ago
  • now technically....with the 7-11 burrito...deep frying it changes it into a chimichanga.

    Matthew SeccoMatthew Secco3 days ago
  • We need more reheated old will its

    magic soupmagic soup3 days ago
  • Excuse me, I put mayo in a breakfast burrito! Admittedly the mayo has had chipotle flake sitting in it for at least a week but that's still mayo!

    MrGrimsmithMrGrimsmith3 days ago
  • Hide the corn 🌽😂😂😂😂

    Rickelle JonesRickelle Jones3 days ago
  • They should do a will it turkey where they change the flavor of the turkey stuffing and gravy

    David MaldonadoDavid Maldonado3 days ago
  • The Popeyes breakfast burrito 🌯 😋

    Eliza CarrieEliza Carrie4 days ago
  • You guys should have a food truck that serves the favorites from these Will It videos

    frosty4289frosty42894 days ago
  • whyyy the mayo my grandpa would love this he eat mayonnaise sandwiches just bread and mayo that is it and put it on everything and he even mixes it in his beans too he was born in mexico btw lol

    krzygoombakrzygoomba4 days ago
  • I love POPEYES! I want to try that Louisiana Slammer!!

    SwagtastickidSwagtastickid4 days ago
  • Fun fact: Rhett shares a birthday with Cardi B

    Jamir CroppJamir Cropp4 days ago
  • The 7/11 one i probably would have called it like the snackurito or something like that.

    Greg RitenourGreg Ritenour5 days ago
  • I like my mayonnaise warm on my sandwich is that weird?

    Bethany M.Bethany M.5 days ago
  • Me: super excited for the T-shirt surprise giveaway Also me: watching this October 19...

    DrewnaxDrewnax5 days ago
  • Omg josh is a genius..,.. he’s a mad scientist on food I absolutely love the T-shirt Rhett is wearing very smart Xx

    Rosemary McgroryRosemary Mcgrory5 days ago
  • Will it casserole?

    General JacksonGeneral Jackson5 days ago
  • 3:06 *is absolutely amazed by chocolate covered popcorn*

    General JacksonGeneral Jackson5 days ago
  • why is no one talking about the way Link went in for that popcorn burrito. also can we have josh cook all of our meals.

    Jamie ChenJamie Chen5 days ago
  • I'm still looking for the guac.

    Darkfire6123Darkfire61235 days ago
  • did he say 'eggs poached in gravy'? that's a thing??

    QueerBiNatureNYCQueerBiNatureNYC5 days ago
  • "So it all starts with a base of pure scrambled mayonnaise - you can just scramble straight mayonnaise, and we did scramble straight mayonnaise." Well. That is certainly a contender for brand-new sentence of the day.

    Tobias GiesTobias Gies5 days ago
  • I understood “hide the corn” Rhett!

    Pearson RiggsPearson Riggs5 days ago
  • Can anyone else agree that rhett looks so much better with his hair tied back then just down I looks so greasy when down

    Joanna WyandJoanna Wyand5 days ago
  • I love and respect Josh's sarcasm.

    Justin TylerJustin Tyler6 days ago
  • Deep fried burritos are called chimichangas

    john walterjohn walter6 days ago
  • I would love to see Josh on Chopped. I think he'd own it!

    Elysha NygaardElysha Nygaard6 days ago
  • "Smella dat"

    Avery LeighAvery Leigh6 days ago
  • Really need the separate topics under their own playlists. You know,for binge watching. Blind taste test, this vs that, will it? , which decade, challenges... you get the idea. @Good mythical morning

    Rachel RitterRachel Ritter6 days ago
    • @Nemision and the rest?

      Rachel RitterRachel Ritter2 days ago
    • Will It does have a playlist

      NemisionNemision2 days ago
  • I need the Popeyes chicken burrito ASAP

    Hannah Cheng MusicHannah Cheng Music6 days ago
  • The Golden Tee is like a willy wonka type deal.

    Darth VaderDarth Vader6 days ago
  • The dedication of the first Mythical Cookbook: *To the Aliens*

    AmandaAmanda6 days ago
  • Link is pure. No hiding corn for him lol

    sarajade86sarajade866 days ago
  • Hide the corn...gushing whiteness. - Link Neal 2020

    Clay3613Clay36136 days ago
  • “Hide the corn” ummmmm I’m not sure I don’t want that that

    Brandy’sPastelCloudsBrandy’sPastelClouds6 days ago
  • Josh is master chef.

    Dan IllahiDan Illahi6 days ago
  • Bruh no gross burrito wtf take me back to 2014

    Nathan DunnNathan Dunn6 days ago
  • For me a breakfast burrito should consist of cheese, bacon, maybe sausage all wrapped in a chocolate chip pancake with syrup to dip or drench

    Chase&Bowman Nation988Chase&Bowman Nation9886 days ago
  • i like how link goes in for a big bite and takes like the smallest bite ever while rhett just casually eats like half the burrito in 2 bites.

    Josh BerryJosh Berry6 days ago
  • It is awesome to watch good mythical morning I like the will it videos

    Candice PerryCandice Perry6 days ago
  • Master chef course, brought to you by Josh. Looking forward to it 👍

    Mr. SuspiciousMr. Suspicious7 days ago
  • nobody’s talking about rhett’s “will its are for aliens” speech, and i think that’s the way he’d want it - it’s just fact at this point.

    vortexvortex7 days ago
  • i wish they would say “let’s talk about that” again :(

    Alison McGregorAlison McGregor7 days ago
  • So to the toasty bro this is a budget pc great

    FrostyFrosty7 days ago
  • Will it water

    Ivo PobleteIvo Poblete7 days ago
  • You have to rank the best "will it"s from each will it episode!! Like so Rhett and Link can see this

    Anthony YoussefAnthony Youssef7 days ago
  • “Greggs” 1:49

    Kayla BurrellKayla Burrell7 days ago
  • Fair play for giving viewers outside of the US a discount, well played.

    Kieron MooreKieron Moore7 days ago
  • Mythicalogically awesome

    CraigCraig7 days ago
  • is there a mythical cookbook? because i would buy a mythical cookbook

    RoosRoos8 days ago
  • Why is this video in a budget gaming pc playlist lmao!

    16-Bit Bernie16-Bit Bernie8 days ago
  • Nobody: Link:.. ... ... "It's *begging* to be bitten" 👄 6:53

    Cannabis GardenCannabis Garden8 days ago
  • No mayo for me, please.

    Brad MillerBrad Miller8 days ago
  • Next Will It idea: Will It Quesadilla?

    jordan kendalljordan kendall8 days ago
  • So... 2021 the good mythical restaurant opens?

    Michael MckinleyMichael Mckinley8 days ago
  • Is Link related to Dana Carvey? They look, and act times act, similar.

    Leslie GilbertLeslie Gilbert8 days ago
  • Just ordered a shirt

    WillUTeachMeWillUTeachMe8 days ago
  • Whoohooo 711

    zGilly 9020zGilly 90208 days ago
  • it would be cool if on one of your food videos you got brain Shaw on one

    KamikazeKamikaze8 days ago
  • That popeyes chicken will be good in anything so

    The HighlanderThe Highlander8 days ago
  • A burrito is kinda inevitable.

    spotonstupidspotonstupid8 days ago
  • I don't like the fact that Rhett is saying about aliens overtaking us now, since he said apocalypse was coming and corona came lol

    Luke SonoLuke Sono8 days ago
    • @PotatoPlayz a basic virus 40mil cases and 1.1 mil deaths doesn't seem like basic to me.

      Luke SonoLuke Sono8 days ago
    • What does an apocalypse have to do with a basic virus?

      PotatoPlayzPotatoPlayz8 days ago
  • You know Rhett is tired of his eating habits when Link talks about isolating things and hes not impressed lmao

    CallOfPundy1192CallOfPundy11928 days ago
  • The guac was the only thing keto in the mayorito 😂

    Karson ErpKarson Erp8 days ago
  • I haven't watched GMM for a year or so... Why does Rhett look like a viking?

    KampfhKampfh8 days ago
    • I got nothin, but it fits his height

      Joker LockhartJoker Lockhart7 days ago
  • So when are they gonna do a will it with gordon ramsay??

    Reecie BoiReecie Boi8 days ago
  • Why didn't you choose the Bone In Chicken from Popeyes Josh?

    Black Crystal DragoonBlack Crystal Dragoon8 days ago
  • Isn’t the seven eleven burrito a chimichanga because it’s deep fried?

    Emma’s CookingEmma’s Cooking8 days ago
  • It's keto...I don't know what keto is 🤣

    onewritergirlonewritergirl8 days ago
  • today we answer the age old question

    cusimcusim8 days ago
  • Day 9 of commenting on every video that I watch

    TheBanditBeastTheBanditBeast8 days ago
  • "Hide the corn" is what the hanky panky is called in Iowa 🤣

    Mason StockdaleMason Stockdale8 days ago
  • Honestly Rhett is cool but link is a nerd I don’t like 🤣

    Eijah DobkinsEijah Dobkins9 days ago
  • the 7/11 "burrito" is technically a chimichanga because the shell is deep fried.

    Juan MaciasJuan Macias9 days ago
  • I'm convinced Josh needs to make a restaurant called, Will It Restaurant!? Filled with all the amazing concoctions he's created.

    AlyssaAlyssa9 days ago
  • Taste and rank all 22 sauces from Chicken Guy - Guy Fieri’s chicken restaurant!!

    A BA B9 days ago
  • 👀 there’s guac in here? 👀

    Nolan HissNolan Hiss9 days ago
  • I wonder if there is any will it food item that tasted so good that they started making it regularly

    Nolan EllisNolan Ellis9 days ago
  • Just saying, is our girl Steevie sooped up with 711 for a commerical for this sooped up 711 burrito? Ps. Josh's weener made a super impressive burrito.

    woolfbotwoolfbot9 days ago
  • Why aren’t they saying Let’s Talk About That? Does anyone know why the change?

    Lettuce memeLettuce meme9 days ago
    • @Amelia SJ I can’t tell if that’s sarcasm or not

      Lettuce memeLettuce meme7 days ago
    • Because showing the spoiler of the funniest moments at the start brings in more viewers :(

      Amelia SJAmelia SJ7 days ago
  • Should do a will it sausage with Ordinary sausage would be amazing.

    more339more3399 days ago
  • can Americans please stop calling peameal bacon or fried had Canadian bacon.. we eat the same damn bacon as you guys

    Cartoons GamingCartoons Gaming9 days ago
    • langauge doesn't work like that.

      oussema trabelsioussema trabelsi5 days ago
  • My grandma poached eggs in gravy and she called this delicious dish Bulls-eyed Eggs and let me tell ya, spoon that over toast or biscuits and you are in for a treat!

    Connie HaugrudConnie Haugrud9 days ago
  • that strand of link’s hair that fell over his forehead while eating the popcorn burrito,,,,,,,,, why does that simple strand of hair just *WORK* for me? wow

    seokjinthusiastseokjinthusiast9 days ago