Will It Cheetos? Taste Test

Sep 14, 2020
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To start off season 18 of GMM, we're asking the age old question... WILL IT CHEETOS? GMM #1810
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    xaylee kool kidxaylee kool kid6 hours ago
  • ur beautiful ✨☁️💫⚡️🌙 ✰

    sofia.sofia.11 hours ago
  • Naruto be drooling rn😳

    Ilena HilkensIlena Hilkens18 hours ago
  • Chokito is actually a chocolate bar

    Xx_MøønLìght_xX WøłfìēXx_MøønLìght_xX Wøłfìē20 hours ago
  • Most ur viewers are kids who cant vote:p

    Jacques BoyadjianJacques Boyadjian21 hour ago
  • I do not like Cheetos!!!!! 😂✨

    Lemon RaspberryLemon RaspberryDay ago
  • When Link was talking about what type of Cheeto’s he likes 🤣

    Kahley SeidlerKahley SeidlerDay ago
  • Psychopath here 👋👋

    missbelen2008missbelen2008Day ago
  • corn destroys worlds acriculture

    Jari PeltolaJari PeltolaDay ago
  • Is josh single ??

    Sierra PerezSierra PerezDay ago
  • Rhett link who are you guys voting for the old shaky guy or the shaky old guy

    Timmy GoonzbludTimmy Goonzblud2 days ago
  • Wait what are we talking about :(

    Aniya LeepierAniya Leepier2 days ago
  • These need to be on the mythical kitchen

    Joseph LarkinJoseph Larkin2 days ago
  • Rhett And Link: Dips a bunch of Cheetos in water. Americans: "And I took that personally".

    Knobslob99Knobslob992 days ago
  • All fruit loops are the same flavor lmao

    Avery HillAvery Hill3 days ago
  • Am I the only one that noticed that at 1:58 link was gonna say 'so today we ask the age old question' but he stopped himself:(

    Summer BuildzSummer Buildz3 days ago
  • I refuse to vote because of reasons...

    Sven WolfstromSven Wolfstrom3 days ago
  • There probably good where thinking ther not good because we’re used to cheese ones and we’re thinking about the cheese flaveor that’s what’s making us think there not good

    Andrew SappAndrew Sapp3 days ago
  • Why aren’t these real flavors

    DogeShibaDogDogeShibaDog3 days ago
  • *vote biden*

    Keeping up with the Siya and DedeKeeping up with the Siya and Dede3 days ago
  • Can we get some of these in stores? I want to try those Taco Bell Cheetos.

    Brendan FergusonBrendan Ferguson3 days ago
  • Why is noone talking about Links preference of Cheetos and Rhetts subtle try to safe him from embarrasment 😂

    KaminhockerKaminhocker3 days ago
  • Ok ok but like why did you stop “Let’s talk about that” after season 17 :(

    Savannah SSavannah S4 days ago
    • Boredom?

      NemisionNemision3 days ago
  • The raimen cheetos why not raimenos?

    RJ CoxRJ Cox4 days ago
  • ok what are we talking about?

    vladavlada4 days ago
  • Itw

    Samantha SutherlandSamantha Sutherland4 days ago
    • 666

      Samantha SutherlandSamantha Sutherland4 days ago
  • Too many negative comments! This intro is what they envisioned for their show (if you’re apart of the Mythical Society, they talk about this in their secret clips). If you’re a true fan you won’t let this stop you from loving them and their content. 🤨🤓

    Schmidty82Schmidty824 days ago
  • You guys should put "Oh my Josh" on a shirt dudes I'd buy it

    Yoshster 742Yoshster 7424 days ago
  • "it can be very difficult to focus in college" As I'm watching this video to avoid studying for my linear algebra exam in the morning. I was truly hoping there was a cheeto to fix all my problems.

    Courtney DinkelCourtney Dinkel4 days ago
  • This is the snack yall should market "Mythic-o" & Josh creates crazy flavors

    Kaydee MchorseKaydee Mchorse5 days ago
  • the cheetos at the bottom of the bag>

    Kelly MKelly M5 days ago
  • Vote like a beast for Biden

    drawing among usdrawing among us5 days ago
  • angry grandpa

    mimouch saaidimimouch saaidi5 days ago
  • you say good mythical morning like its the morning but explain why its 1:00AM for me

    Max ThompsonMax Thompson5 days ago
  • Please make a episode with dana carvey

    Jimmy and Ellie’s vlogJimmy and Ellie’s vlog6 days ago
  • Can we get a compilation of link saying innuendos and Rhett catching them??

    Chase CamarilloChase Camarillo6 days ago
  • Rhett looks like a Greek god

    Olivia CohenOlivia Cohen6 days ago
  • I remember when they finally hit 1m

    Charles MazzolaCharles Mazzola6 days ago
  • "I'm a little cheeto man." - Charles Lincoln Neal, 2020.

    Caleb WhiteCaleb White6 days ago
  • "We could have made it this far without you." Link, 2020. Ok whatever you say.

    Pixel Qube32Pixel Qube327 days ago
  • Where do you guys get these snacks from

    sinama Msinama M7 days ago
    • Is this a serious question?

      NemisionNemision3 days ago
  • The packaging is amazing. Let’s talk about that.

    The catapult DioThe catapult Dio7 days ago
  • Or “Oretoes”

    SwaggySharkSwaggyShark7 days ago
  • Ok you missed an opportunity for “Cheetoreos”

    SwaggySharkSwaggyShark7 days ago
  • It’s been gone for weeks, where y’all been

    Not Mick BlottersNot Mick Blotters7 days ago
  • Lana del Rey eats Cherry~Cola Cheetos

    hal napperhal napper7 days ago
  • Its been a while since I've looked forward to an episode this much. Think it was the Halloween colors

    ASMR ProblemsASMR Problems7 days ago
  • I had no idea Matthew Mcconaughey and Dana Carvey did this show....

    Mat showalterMat showalter7 days ago
  • BRING BACK “let’s talk about that” PLEAAASEE

    ThePokéBrosThePokéBros7 days ago
    • Move on, please.

      NemisionNemision3 days ago
  • For the last cheeto would be pig blood like in earlier seasons

    owen protzowen protz7 days ago
  • Next time on GMM will it Dorito

    William DuvallWilliam Duvall7 days ago
  • Anyone else thought the oreo cheetos looked like blunts?

    Julia ZajacJulia Zajac8 days ago
  • Please do will it maple syrup

    Dillon CrawleyDillon Crawley8 days ago
  • “Ramen Cheetos” Hello I am here, here to bless you with ramen 🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜 Here you go💖

    Game NoodlesGame Noodles8 days ago
  • Well... At least we have the banner in the intro.

    BaronBaron9 days ago
  • um is it just me or do the oreos cheetos look like blunts

    Briaja GilliardBriaja Gilliard9 days ago
  • Soooooo... how can I get these?

    A SA S9 days ago
  • I love the new intro theme

    Mr. AbsorbencyMr. Absorbency9 days ago
  • 6:32 yes there is an addictive substance. sugar

    XxJx3xXXxJx3xX9 days ago
  • I want your hoodie!!!

    Jennifer HauchJennifer Hauch10 days ago
  • man i cant wait to enjoy my chee- GMM: will it cheeto?

    Ziggy BZiggy B10 days ago
  • GMM has the best prop people in the game! Them custom bags!

    VRMusicVRMusic10 days ago
  • How arent they sick of eachother

    Just JudeJust Jude10 days ago
  • Sure, I’ll vote! Let me just move to the US and get my citizenship real quick.

    Super MoosieSuper Moosie10 days ago
  • The first Cheetos look like cigarettes

    house of LEVI studioshouse of LEVI studios11 days ago
  • can i buy cheetoreos

    The Video Vlogger YTThe Video Vlogger YT11 days ago

    Mitra MandalMitra Mandal11 days ago
  • Ore-cheetos?

    Antman 375Antman 37511 days ago
  • Unfortunately, I cannot vote like a beast in the upcoming election....because I'm Australian.

    lordtheolordtheo11 days ago
  • Today we ask the age old question. What are we talking about?

    Typewriter ManiacTypewriter Maniac11 days ago
  • That dragon chicken is it an icon or what?

    Niels EngelenNiels Engelen11 days ago
    • @Nemision ok cool have a nice day bro

      Niels EngelenNiels Engelen3 days ago
    • It's a cockatrice. It's their mascot, I guess? Since it's a literal mythical beast.

      NemisionNemision3 days ago
  • Let’s talk about it?

    Big PigBig Pig12 days ago
  • 3:03 i’m ngl i definitely thought those were maggots for a good second

  • a barney turd 😭😭😭😭

    Gabriella MGabriella M12 days ago
  • I took a small break from gmm and was terrified by the absence of “let’s talk about that” in the episode I was watching.I had to roll back through their videos and it’s this episode.I miss it.

    mohammed fathehmohammed fatheh12 days ago

    Maria Arisa AmorosoMaria Arisa Amoroso12 days ago
  • Vote like a beast wtf

    lemon waterlemon water13 days ago
  • There's no way these boys aren't voting red

    Robert GammettRobert Gammett13 days ago
  • The " let's talk about that " is in the beginning of the new intro look at the plane sign

    Your WayYour Way15 days ago
  • The oreo cheetos looked like a used blunt

    MrFangs06MrFangs0615 days ago
  • I wonder who they are voting for

    Austin TvAustin Tv15 days ago
  • I personally have all ready voted in my state Minnesota, but I really appreciate what you guys are doing to help incurge voting. Keep up the great work.

    Cody ClarkCody Clark15 days ago
  • They have the coolest intro's

    Jashwanth Ram PoduguJashwanth Ram Podugu15 days ago
  • Why don't you guys just market these flavors yourself, and created a snack pack on your march site. so people can buy these snacks you guys approve of. it would support your channel, and people would get to try some of these amazing flavors. and every new flavor your come up with, people get to watch you taste test them.

    Doopity BoopsDoopity Boops15 days ago
  • I LOVE the Savage Garden reference!!!!!

    Sarah HillsSarah Hills15 days ago
  • Aw, mad nostalgia from the savage garden reference.

    コルビcstコルビcst15 days ago
  • what if im 15 from england

    Tyler WiseTyler Wise15 days ago
    • You can’t Vote lol

      Yank BossYank Boss7 days ago
  • Im from Spokane ...

    Melody McCormackMelody McCormack16 days ago
  • The real hero’s are the people who manage to make the products😂

    Jake PotterJake Potter16 days ago
  • *ramen choodles*

    Bella DBella D16 days ago
  • A taste masochist!!! LOL! 😂

    TabbyCat777TabbyCat77716 days ago
  • I really do appreciate the Savage Garden nod... Truly Madly Deeply.

    Steven BSteven B16 days ago
  • I'm a little cheeky man

    holysugarmuffin1holysugarmuffin116 days ago
  • Get hair cuts you Hippies

    Harris ProductionsHarris Productions17 days ago
  • Ok, I know we grieved the loss of "Let's Talk About That," but is no-one going to mention we got a *QUEEN SWEEP?* I don't even _know_ how rare that is.

    CoolDude 225CoolDude 22517 days ago
  • What's in the emergen-c Cheetos I don't understand what they are

    danthehappyman 09danthehappyman 0917 days ago
  • no voting because it is my birthday 🎂 on voting day so my b day will be forgotten!!!😢

    Kinsley AnnasKinsley Annas17 days ago
  • The way Rhett pronounces words ending in LF as if there's only the slightest whisper of an L in them is a mood.

    scottemblerscottembler17 days ago
  • Love those packages

    IkhsanIkhsan17 days ago
  • Can someone tell me why there are negative comments on this video?

    Phantasm65Phantasm6517 days ago
    • People on the internet are weenies who can't handle things changing.

      NemisionNemision3 days ago