Will It Milkshake? Taste Test

Aug 24, 2020
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Today, we are celebrating 1800 EPISODES by asking the age old question.... Will It Milkshake? GMM #1800
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    Molly WellsMolly WellsDay ago
  • "I'm trying to put a positive spin on heart attacks." 🤣🤣

    Kassie HauterKassie HauterDay ago
  • 3:04 how the heck did rhett calculate that in his head

    TheAmberGryphonTheAmberGryphon2 days ago
    • woah you're right that's insane

      Kassie HauterKassie HauterDay ago
  • hello

    Skythewolf12 Type FSkythewolf12 Type F2 days ago
  • That butter shake is a heart attack waiting to happen and I'm here for it😂

    Taysia KauneTaysia Kaune4 days ago
    • "I'm trying to put a positive spin on heart attacks, okay?" - Rhett 2020

      Kassie HauterKassie HauterDay ago
  • Link would not like Charlie...

    Phenyx SwartzPhenyx Swartz5 days ago
  • I fw the hair!

    owen berkleyowen berkley6 days ago
  • Doesn’t link play as Schneider in one day at a time

    Brooklynn SimpkinsBrooklynn Simpkins6 days ago
    • @Brooklynn Simpkins 🤣🤣

      Kassie HauterKassie Hauter13 hours ago
    • @Kassie Hauter he looks just like him

      Brooklynn SimpkinsBrooklynn Simpkins17 hours ago
    • no, todd grinnel plays him.

      Kassie HauterKassie HauterDay ago
  • Link has the same reaction to oysters that Rhett has to Liver lol

    Chancellor BressetteChancellor Bressette6 days ago
  • Good Irish butter there :)

    David MurphyDavid Murphy6 days ago
  • Everyone clicks on a good mythical morning video every now and then.

    skyblade bloodheartskyblade bloodheart7 days ago
  • I'ma be honest, I actually see these guys and the mythical beasts as family. Love all of y'all.

    Whoa TittiesWhoa Titties7 days ago
  • Petition: Bring back LTAT!!

    Kenan SkrobanovićKenan Skrobanović7 days ago
  • just dunk some toast in that butter milkshake

    UltraLoaf_44UltraLoaf_448 days ago
  • Link: give me that mindset Rhett: urrlgghh Link: uhhh...

    unknown userunknown user9 days ago
  • You should never mix dairy with seafood

    FoundGamerFoundGamer10 days ago
  • Will it Beer/Cider !

    BackWhereYouStartedBackWhereYouStarted10 days ago
  • My 9 year old handed me a bag to puke in while watching this episode!!! lmao!!! He needs to watch more of your will its then ill have bag surrounding me lol

    Carol HenryCarol Henry12 days ago
  • I can’t be the only one that thinks the mini tabasco bottles are cute

    RenebaebaeRenebaebae12 days ago
  • "im link" lol thx for that

    Abbigail BrownAbbigail Brown13 days ago
  • Nauchwurst edible straw...eco friendly

    Rob WelchRob Welch14 days ago
  • Those milkshakes repel all the boys from the yard...

    Paul O'NealPaul O'Neal16 days ago
  • Hi gmm I wish you guys can do a will it caramel apple

    Braydon RavenBraydon Raven17 days ago
  • The first one all I said was “can we all say cholesterol”

    Jordan TrentJordan Trent17 days ago
  • I'm just wondering when they will realize that they should say, click on this link to do ____ and click on link to go to ____ (then place the link, on link)

    marisa hackmanmarisa hackman17 days ago
  • They should do "WILL IT SHAWARMA" and guess what the filling is ?

    Diamond ChaudharyDiamond Chaudhary17 days ago
  • Really bummed that y’all didn’t call it the “Hamshake”

    Idin KainIdin Kain18 days ago
  • I think you should do like a festival once per season, with full course meals. We get to vote which of the foods featured on your channel you serve... Q&A.... live show... charge us whatever you want but do it!

    Jacques BoyadjianJacques Boyadjian18 days ago
  • I ordered one of those shirts but it never came yet when are they supposed to be released?

    NoodlestheraccoonNoodlestheraccoon18 days ago
    • I am wondering the same thing

      Lizzy HolmesLizzy Holmes9 days ago
  • Ham pinkness..

    Juniper MillerJuniper Miller19 days ago
  • hey rhett! can i have that shirt?

    Mason ThigpenMason Thigpen20 days ago
  • I wanna try the butter one!

    Janel ZapataJanel Zapata20 days ago
  • On behalf of Irish farmers everywhere, thank you for buying Kerry gold

    KavaLogueKavaLogue21 day ago
  • God I love this channel

    transformabricktransformabrick21 day ago
  • When link knocked on the table i thought someone was knocking on my rooms door.

    SgemetonSgemeton24 days ago
  • Josh is my dream chef. He can make anything.

    Ronan MahaffeyRonan Mahaffey25 days ago
  • Will GMM ever get old? Answer, No! I love this kind of stuff. Keep it up guys

    Ronan MahaffeyRonan Mahaffey25 days ago
  • Will it idea: Will it lambsauce? Ft. Gordon Ramsey

    N ReactsN Reacts26 days ago

    Nick KennedyNick Kennedy26 days ago
  • No one : ... Nobody at all:... Josh: ham.

    Leslie SmithLeslie Smith26 days ago
  • “They don’t call me reckless Rhett for nothing.”

    Tommy HetrickTommy Hetrick26 days ago
  • Literally eating pizza rolls at the moment they said it

    Darth ZombieDarth Zombie27 days ago

    tuber856tuber85628 days ago
  • this show just is so positive it is great

    ricky bibby300ricky bibby30028 days ago
  • I'm afraid to ask how you turn mozzarella into whipped cream

    TheBusyJaneTheBusyJane28 days ago
  • If Rhett and link aren’t trying not to vomit josh is failing at his job

    DylanDylan28 days ago
  • Ack I love Rhett’s shirt! Anyone know where it might be from? I know some tall & thin dudes that could use an awesome cephalopod shirt like that.

    MissRachieHMissRachieH28 days ago
  • So many that’s what she said jokes...

    Faith BurkeFaith Burke28 days ago
  • Nice to know, that you can get Irish Butter in the US. One of Ireland's famous exports.

    Saintly's Minecraft WorldSaintly's Minecraft World28 days ago
  • Happy 1800th episode!!!

    Ominousalpha87Ominousalpha8729 days ago
  • Just started watching them

    TexasMadeCCCTexasMadeCCCMonth ago
  • Why does he look like a mix of the planet guy from guardians of the galaxy and the cowardly lion from the wizard of oz?

    MonochromeMonochromeMonth ago
  • nobody: link: butterscotch?

    Anthony VasquezAnthony VasquezMonth ago
  • Why didn’t they just use buttermilk?

    Anne BertrandAnne BertrandMonth ago
  • You should have an episode where you’re upside down

    Josue CoreasJosue CoreasMonth ago
  • Rhett's butter puns crack me up

    Tasty PineapplesTasty PineapplesMonth ago
  • glad to see these guys are still making videos

    Gianni ChavezGianni ChavezMonth ago
  • I love you guys

    Candice PhominCandice PhominMonth ago
  • Links hair goes up rhetts hair goes down

    Pontus KansPontus KansMonth ago
  • "What's in the whipped cream?" "Ham"

    Grey BoyGrey BoyMonth ago
  • “Whats in the whipped cream?” “Ham” “What are these cubes on top?” “That’s... that’s the ham”

    Anya WarrierAnya WarrierMonth ago
  • rhett and link are kinda j arguing seems like they don’t wanna be around each other anymore and it’s sad

    lolcrazy brynnlolcrazy brynnMonth ago

    Zoe FreeseZoe FreeseMonth ago
  • Y’all remember on even Stevens when Louis made a breakfast milkshake?

    Damian EspinozaDamian EspinozaMonth ago
  • Remember there was a time before Josh was around to make these amazing creations. I feel like they should she do those will its.

    k*don*k*don*Month ago
  • When they said cold ones I was like “TWILIGHTT”

    Michaelen HillMichaelen HillMonth ago

    Jasaman Shafabakhsh vux VuxelevJasaman Shafabakhsh vux VuxelevMonth ago
  • After all of their food excursions I can't help but wonder how their GI tract treats them throughout the day.

    Levi EricLevi EricMonth ago
  • When I was I kid I ate up straight butter

    Alyse_Liotti_0609Alyse_Liotti_0609Month ago
  • Is link the one that likes the "dink it and sink it"?

    Edwin DeverillEdwin DeverillMonth ago
  • petition to bring back the old intro

    Mouhammad MajedMouhammad MajedMonth ago
  • if you want to clog your artiries drink butter

    Jon ThomasJon ThomasMonth ago
  • I Think for the items they milkshake there is too much of that item, and not enough normal milkshake with this item mixed in.

    ScooterFettScooterFettMonth ago
  • this is the first gmm episode ive watched in years. i miss you guys!!

    Rowyn WRowyn WMonth ago
  • it was rhetts straw spit on the freaking table for me

    jake coadyjake coadyMonth ago
  • Yay

    Sun FlowerSun FlowerMonth ago
  • I would love a Mythical Kitchen episode with Gordon Ramsay. I think he would get his mind blown away with Josh's talent.

    AttilaAttilaMonth ago
  • happy trumpycovid day

    joe dirtbagjoe dirtbagMonth ago
  • 10:08 that's what she said

    Mark Chester Balasan BataoMark Chester Balasan BataoMonth ago
  • 9:38 glizzy gobblers

  • Link got that silver streak

    Donkey PunchDonkey PunchMonth ago
  • Link at 10:02

    Tardy TortoiseTardy TortoiseMonth ago
  • Bacon

    Flamingo FanFlamingo FanMonth ago
  • envyme

    Arturo SuarezArturo SuarezMonth ago
  • 7:22 link is confused

    pray nctpray nctMonth ago
  • Thes save spanish? Rett and link save spanish?

    ElSantos62ElSantos62Month ago
  • Former First Lady Dolly Madison favorite ice cream flavor was oyster. True fact

    Debbie GuthrieDebbie GuthrieMonth ago
  • Gotta do beer now

    NomadicallNomadicallMonth ago
  • 0:34 anyone else thought they heard a knock on their door ? Lol had me shook for a sec

    Husky GruffHusky GruffMonth ago
  • Where’s my peeps that ate butter sticks as kids

    Hamster FetusHamster FetusMonth ago
  • eightteenth hundredth episodes!

    Lonewolf ProductionsLonewolf ProductionsMonth ago
  • I- BUTTER- Any other Danganronpa fans?

    -_Idk Anymore_--_Idk Anymore_-Month ago
  • Im pretty sure the "Yes's" were pity ones... nothing willed in this episode xD

    CallOfPundy1192CallOfPundy1192Month ago
  • Will it cotton candy?

    Danielea TesiaDanielea TesiaMonth ago
  • Rhet will eat anything with milk in it 😂

    Kitty CatKitty CatMonth ago
  • 11 years on USworlds, and who knows how many more before. I still love these two after so many years, I hope they never stop and only get more popular as time goes on

    WhatTheFuck IsLifeWhatTheFuck IsLifeMonth ago
  • My man Rhett over here looking like a majestic lion 💖🦁

    TwistCodeTwistCodeMonth ago
  • I have not been watching your videos a lot but I like them they are cool

    Ella B McMichaelElla B McMichaelMonth ago
  • The butter one already exists at the Heart Attack Grill. Ironically they were talking about heart attacks while they were drinking it.

    Hannah LHannah LMonth ago
  • two links: Rhetts hair.... and Links face while the oyster stuff is being described

    m lynnm lynnMonth ago