Wingstop vs. Buffalo Wild Wings Taste Test

Jul 6, 2020
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In today's episode of FOOD FEUDS, we're pinning two arch enemies against each other to decide which is better, Buffalo Wild Wings or Wing Stop! GMM #1770
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  • Link eating chicken: it tastes chicken-y, like you know it tastes like chicken Rhett:👁👄👁

    Lily CummingsLily Cummings41 minute ago
  • Price is always the major factor I'll go with wingstop

    Scott908Scott9082 hours ago
  • Wing stop > bww

    Arshpreet SekhonArshpreet Sekhon4 hours ago
  • Judges both wing places, wing stop wins because of fries and BWW mostly wins with wings. "Wing stop is king of wings". But they lost with the wing challenge.

    The ShagsterThe Shagster14 hours ago
  • BW was on top untill they got to stuff that wasn’t the WINGS 😂😂

    N1ABU X_XN1ABU X_XDay ago
  • So what I am seeing is if you want good wings go to BWW but if you want fries and a dessert go to Wing Stop or wing that are so bad they make you want to stop eating them

    Christian OleszkiewiczChristian Oleszkiewicz2 days ago
  • Did Rhett bite the bone in the louisiana wing?!

    shadow 42shadow 422 days ago
  • BWW best dessert is the cheesecake bites hands down

    Daniel BarbeeDaniel Barbee3 days ago
  • Next try all of Whole Foods market marinated wings

    ecfearfactory86ecfearfactory863 days ago

    Caleb LopezCaleb Lopez4 days ago
  • U miss that atomic wins

    Jose SabillonJose Sabillon4 days ago
  • Wingstop is either soggy or lacking in sauce and their atomic wings are not very good because of all of the pepper extract

    Barack ObamaBarack Obama5 days ago
  • I want links button up shirt....can I buy this at the mythical store or nah? Lol

    JappyChanJappyChan5 days ago
  • BWW's fries were an absolute disgrace. Conglobated mess. It did not look very appetizing at all. I also think a thicker potato is needed to compensate for the drenching of melted cheese and seasoning over the top. Wingstop absolutely nailed their fries.

    win2008workstationwin2008workstation5 days ago
  • buffalo wild wings is better because they have more flavors

    Grayson LandronGrayson Landron5 days ago
  • In terms of rounds 1-3, BWW actually had the better wings. Which is the only reason you would go to either of these places. Not for the loaded fries or dessert. I think the grading scale was a little suspect. BWW has the better wings, hands down although you do pay for the quality.

    Branden HillBranden Hill6 days ago
  • It's sad when a wing restaurant loses because of their fries instead of their wings...

    Jonathan ReppuhnJonathan Reppuhn6 days ago
  • Link is always so wishy-washy on his ratings, Rhett makes one comment about it and he's like "okay I'll go 8 instead of 7"

    Alex WeinzierlAlex Weinzierl7 days ago
  • Roosters make bdubs and wingstop look like a dump trucks

    Gage HazelettGage Hazelett7 days ago
  • They didn’t try the cheesy winger dingers •_•

    Bobby LucasBobby Lucas7 days ago
  • Well wingstop was on speeddial so.....

    NichNich8 days ago
  • Love both places and it was a tough battle through and through

    J CJ C8 days ago
  • Also Link I agree with you that they shouldn’t be called boneless wings. Lol

  • Very simple reason Wingstop is better... value! BWW is way to expensive for what you get!

  • i had no idea Rhett and Link were so qualified to rank wings. i love these guys

    Ricardo CorralesRicardo Corrales8 days ago
  • Really shouldve added up all the costs as well...

    Garage MoneyGarage Money8 days ago
  • so we're just gonna ignore Rhett's eating technique.... that demands undivided attention

    Gabriel Felix MuñozGabriel Felix Muñoz9 days ago
  • (From michigan) never heard of wing stop..

    Shawn IreneShawn Irene9 days ago
  • Wing stop is so hyped man I was irritated when I finally had them and was so underwhelmed😐 Bdubbs all day👏🏾

    Kimberly ThomasKimberly Thomas10 days ago
  • Real ones know that The Buffalo Spot is where it’s at

    Jack BucholzJack Bucholz12 days ago
  • I work at bdubs and he has the whole interaction with cashiers perfectly

    Jonman30Jonman3013 days ago
    • Also its way cheaper where I live its 12.99 for 10 wings not 15 wtf

      Jonman30Jonman3013 days ago
  • I love all the lord if the rings jokes

    Kieran KiersteadKieran Kierstead13 days ago
  • If you just want wings go to Wingstop, if you wanna catch a game with friends go to bdubs

    Chris GrabChris Grab14 days ago
  • The Crazy Town reference from the BWW dude was epic

    Its ToastiiIts Toastii14 days ago
  • as a british person, do people actually buy *100 wings* at a time like wtf, thassa lotta wings

    vonda herbertvonda herbert15 days ago
  • Rhett looks like Braun strowman

    abdelmoez elbazabdelmoez elbaz15 days ago
  • cradles

    Kayleigh DonaldsonKayleigh Donaldson15 days ago
  • Wingstop is the kind and we all know it

    Holden TudixHolden Tudix16 days ago
  • If we just talking about wings bww would win

    Duke City505Duke City50518 days ago
  • Wingstop ranch dressing is hands down the best!!!

    TrayTray19 days ago
  • Damn, now I want some wings lol

    Jose BlancoJose Blanco19 days ago
  • Idk if the calls in the beginning were real or not but they were sure entertaining

    AllxGamingAllxGaming20 days ago
  • Did not agree with this at all buffalo wild wings will always be better

    Red PandaRed Panda20 days ago
  • Buffalo Wild Wings is the best

  • I want wings now 😭😭

    Austin BAustin B23 days ago
  • you’re beautiful ✨☁️💫⚡️🌙 ✰

    sofia.sofia.24 days ago
  • i’m don’t care BWW mango habanero BONELESS WINGS are 🔥🔥

    Benj ArreyBenj Arrey24 days ago
  • 15 for 10??? Why I only eat at wingstop

    RollinBrownEyeRollinBrownEye24 days ago
  • i havent watched it all the way but if they didnt do habanero mango it should be a crime

    TotallyNotKrimeTotallyNotKrime26 days ago
  • Im watching while waiting for a Wingstop 20 piece box from Doordash.

    Beneath RemainsBeneath Remains27 days ago
  • LOL. I got Wingstop fries ONCE. I ate two of them and binned the rest. They were nasty to me.

    Kristin WrightKristin Wright28 days ago
  • popeyes vs kfc?

    Mikey DemenoMikey Demeno28 days ago
  • Damn my bois are getting old

    Isaac RomanIsaac Roman28 days ago
  • Why not atomic wings 🤬🤬🤬

    Nicolas MadridNicolas Madrid28 days ago
  • So are we just gonna continue on like that belch didn’t happen

    Esmeralda RosalesEsmeralda Rosales29 days ago
  • GMM: Which wings are better? GMM: Buffalo Wild Wings are a lot better. Also GMM: Wingstop wins

    Dapper HuskyDapper HuskyMonth ago
    • So if you take how good they are. Maybe 8/10 vs 9/10, and then compare to price, they are actully 9/10 vs 8/10 for wingstop and the bww respectively

      justan applejustan apple19 days ago
    • I would agree they might have the better wings overall, but I love the sauces at WS and the price is cheaper.

      justan applejustan apple19 days ago

    Frank TranFrank TranMonth ago
  • Where I live wing stop 10pc is 15.98$

    NanieBizzler CBDIZZLERNanieBizzler CBDIZZLERMonth ago
  • I have never seen someone press down a falt like Rhett does, interesting technique.

    JordanJordanMonth ago
  • Buffalo Wild Wings blows

    Jake BoyceJake BoyceMonth ago
  • When you're in texas and you see these 2 battle for 2nd place cause Pluckers is best.

    Ghetzis •Ghetzis •Month ago
  • dagames

    Roberta GrassiRoberta GrassiMonth ago
  • roosters is the best wing place bro

    TheGamingGeekTheGamingGeekMonth ago
  • Wingstop is so much better than BWW

    Ryan BuckleyRyan BuckleyMonth ago
  • have you guys had fire wings

    Jilly LiJilly LiMonth ago
  • Wing stop has the best ranch for my opinion

    Gogeta GohanGogeta GohanMonth ago
  • Buffalo Wild Wings will forever be the best by far.

    TotalxTotalxMonth ago
  • The fry comparison was so unfaie. You can’t compare loaded fries to regular fries, especially when they didn’t get the icecream and chocolate saise with the cake.

    Alex WrightAlex WrightMonth ago

    Kev SterKev SterMonth ago
  • What about hooters

    fabian alvaradofabian alvaradoMonth ago
  • You should do mcdonald's vs burger king

    Dominick BenacquistoDominick BenacquistoMonth ago
  • That phone call at the beginning was so fake.

    Cody GrandfieldCody GrandfieldMonth ago
  • Buffalo Wild Wings is my favorite

    Haley FaragalliHaley FaragalliMonth ago
  • WINGSTOP!!!!!!!

    Fernando AlmanzaFernando AlmanzaMonth ago
  • This tells ya that if ya want Wings as a restaurant, go to Wingstop. If ya just want wings, go to Wildwings. Price is always a factor, but I don't think that price should be taken into a taste-test personally especially when it's a difference of a few dollars. I can tell ya right now, that I can make wings cheaper at home n' they taste much better than takeout. If I'm concerned that about price, I'll just do that. ;P

    Сэйрас АвалонСэйрас АвалонMonth ago
  • This should have been a blind taste test

    purple aztecapurple aztecaMonth ago
  • I prefer Wingstop over BWW, the funny thing is where I live Wingstops wings are way juicier than buffalos, usually buffalos are dry so I guess it depends on the area in which you live. But I will say b dubs mango habanero flavor is much better than Wingstop

    Chris GChris GMonth ago
  • Should have been blind test

    Matthew BoothroydMatthew BoothroydMonth ago
  • This was a day after my birthday! My favorite food is wings lol

    Shaylen SpringerShaylen SpringerMonth ago
  • Me watching this as a vegetarian for 4 years and counting 👁👄👁 BUT THOSE FRIES

    Christina RoseChristina RoseMonth ago
  • Both are good, but when I’m at college I get wingstop all the time with my roomates and it’s way more affordable and good. Buffalo Wild Wings is pretty expensive and not super great

  • im standing by buffalo wild wings

    tsg 284tsg 284Month ago
  • why in the world is ranch on those plates?!? thats fighting words

    TundraOPTundraOPMonth ago
  • more like lord of the fries and brownie...

    Anthony HernandezAnthony HernandezMonth ago
  • @gmm always peeping game at your threads, Link the shirt you are wearing in this video is superb. I need that. Rhett your shirt is also beyond compare.

    Ella HowellElla HowellMonth ago
  • Rhett: “What would it take for you to give a 10?” Link:”Another Bite” That had me laughing😂

    iStayStormiiStayStormiMonth ago
  • BW3's cheese curds with caramel sauce.

    Rich PertgenRich PertgenMonth ago
  • Love WingStop and it's so cheaper

    Pablo PalmaPablo PalmaMonth ago
  • ATL wings is the best wings and Shane’s

    M. J.M. J.Month ago
  • Wingstop def

    hall of jameshall of jamesMonth ago
  • yall should dunkin donuts vs the krispy kreme

    Fernando Deal fuenteFernando Deal fuenteMonth ago
  • Well Buffalo Wild Wings won by vote. The fries and sweets won wing stop

    Vegas YankseahawksVegas YankseahawksMonth ago
  • I feel like you guys neglected the dip comparison. Wing stop ranch is so good. I got bww recently and it was clearly bottled ranch, akin to hidden valley or something. Ranch quality is important with wings.

    levityoflonging22levityoflonging22Month ago

    Rman NayrRman NayrMonth ago
  • LORD OF THE WINGS!!!!!!!!

    Rman NayrRman NayrMonth ago
  • Ok wingstop won just not for the actual wings thats bs

    Robby MasonRobby MasonMonth ago
  • Well I’m in Australia where we don’t have either place so 😭

    kvnzakvnzaMonth ago
  • Yeah wingstop

    Abro10307 dinglsackAbro10307 dinglsackMonth ago
  • rhett just munchin on them wings

    Matthew BetancourtMatthew BetancourtMonth ago
  • You should do a triple threat food feud McDonald's vs Wendy's vs Burger King

    Trevor WalkerTrevor WalkerMonth ago