Worst Food Crimes Taste Test

Jul 3, 2020
2 511 330 Views

Today, we're trying weird food combinations the internet has deemed as food crimes. GMM #1769
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  • Mayo mixed w a lil cream cheese, green onion, and ham...cake.

    Julie HicksJulie HicksDay ago
  • *me eating a peanut butter onion cheesy toasty watching this video*....I’m a sinner....

    Peachy CreamPeachy Cream2 days ago
  • Gut check every cake flavor

    Steven KinganSteven Kingan2 days ago
  • i swear ive seen this episode before like years ago wtf

    Ramon GrahamRamon Graham6 days ago
  • Six words: fruit punch cool-aid and Fruit loops I think its good honestly

    lea bakerlea baker8 days ago
  • Omg how did a cheesy marmite toast end up as a food come ! I’m from Australia and one of our most prized possessions is Vegemite grilled with melted cheese. Y’all need to know how to eat it 🥺

    lily bainbridgelily bainbridge8 days ago
  • "cheesy marmite toast is from britain" ...no? we have cheese on toast, and sometimes people put sandwich pickle on it, but i've never really seen people put marmite on it. it's not that popular.

    SeanSean10 days ago
    • Cheese and marmite toasties are a thing !

      Dr. Tanya JayDr. Tanya Jay9 days ago
  • Isn't like their whole show based around food crimes?

    Taylor FryTaylor Fry10 days ago
  • Lol I just got to say all this stuff looked gross lol except the baloni cake which I kinda wanted to try lol

    Trini TechTrini Tech11 days ago
  • Nothing like dahmars freezer 😂

    ryan morgan-leeryan morgan-lee14 days ago
  • Link: this is unnatural Josh: (still going to eat it) don’t throw away the left overs

    Sam4265Sam426515 days ago
  • Spaghetti-O Jelly-O

    Maya KamerMaya Kamer15 days ago
  • Cheese and marmite on toast is normal here in SA

    CharlirakCharlirak16 days ago
  • I love that shirt, Link! Fantastic 👌

    B.B.16 days ago
  • ur beautiful ✨☁️💫⚡️🌙 ✰

    sofia.sofia.17 days ago
  • Bring. This. Back.

    Jacob WestJacob West18 days ago
  • Pineapple Pizza

    Lord DerpyLord Derpy18 days ago
  • I'm from the uk that sandwich is usually consumed by those on a low budget lol

    V's WorldV's World18 days ago
  • Rhett said he was what kind of friend ?

    The_man_who_speaks_in_hands GasterThe_man_who_speaks_in_hands Gaster18 days ago
  • Every time GMM has some "British food" on the show it's something that nobody has eaten since WW1. Lived in Britain for 24 years. Never seen or heard of cheesy marmite toast.

    DaviesArtsDaviesArts19 days ago
  • Try Doritos and Milk. Another Will it Cereal Mix but with Junk Food

    Lauren WortmanLauren Wortman19 days ago
  • I don’t think they know that deceptchum is a transformers reference

    TOXIN CLOOPTROOPS EPIC IS Rodimus Prime11TOXIN CLOOPTROOPS EPIC IS Rodimus Prime1119 days ago
  • the way they made the marmite toast was the crime

    Mikhala KateMikhala Kate20 days ago
  • Well, for 11:50, here in Brazil there was a quite famous band called "Chiclete com Banana" which translates to bubblegum with banana, I don't know why, but there might be a connection.

    Douglas LopesDouglas Lopes20 days ago
  • i'm eating a food crime as i watch this lmfao

    BlakeLoganX EditsBlakeLoganX Edits21 day ago
  • The gum pizza is from old school ninja turtles

    Daniel DempseyDaniel Dempsey23 days ago
  • Really wish you guys would have @Emmymadeinjapan on your show! She’s the queen of retro recipes and food crimes!!

    Rachel RothRachel Roth23 days ago
  • of course the bubblegum banana pizza is brazilian

    carol _carol _24 days ago
  • So close to not the right answer

    Brandon SchockeltBrandon Schockelt24 days ago
  • asmr sleep

    jemma tanchuanjemma tanchuan24 days ago
  • Give me the bologna mayo cake and half a loaf of bread and i am satisfied and occupied for an afternoon

    Johannes BammerJohannes Bammer24 days ago
  • Whenever I'm caught eating pot noodles on toast or ketchup rice I get called a sinner 😂

    Chicken PermissionChicken Permission25 days ago
  • Doritos cereal mighta ctually be good if there was no Mountain Dew and milk instead

    AccountAccount25 days ago
  • Gotta love Rhett’s reaction any time Link touches a knife

    marshall braninmarshall branin27 days ago
  • you should make a side show called ethereal evening

    AlphaPlays_607AlphaPlays_60727 days ago
  • Lettuce wrap on a burger is not a food crime if you have to do it because you're allergic to gluten like I am, it is a food crime if you're not allergic and are doing it to be trendy which I see all the time. Trust me if I could eat it and not be horribly sick for a week I totally would eat a bun with my burger.

    Tom DahmerTom Dahmer27 days ago
  • I can’t say I’ve seen cheesy marmite sandwiches in the uk anywhere ngl

    TheWildSpunkMunkeyTheWildSpunkMunkey27 days ago
  • Rett sacrifices himself only to want to eat more food

  • I hated the first round, I’m not fond of mayo or anything gelatinous, both dishes had my stomach churning.

    Colin KupseyColin Kupsey29 days ago
  • The tuna and bubblegum, NO CONTEST! WHY WAS IT 50/50!? 😢🥺 I'm afraid....hold me These are the humans (monsters) who walk among us

    Hallo YumiHallo YumiMonth ago
  • Link’s face at the end.....priceless!!!

    Brandon ThomasBrandon ThomasMonth ago
  • If you get really desperate, you can eat the caulk.”

    Dannotme 123Dannotme 123Month ago
  • LEFT LEFT LEFT LEFT 53 53 53 57

    Hartley FerrinHartley FerrinMonth ago

    eboy huntereboy hunterMonth ago
  • Round 1 both looked good, round 2, however

    FoxyPirateFox9054FoxyPirateFox9054Month ago
  • Thats not bubblegum on that pizza. Thats a pepto bismol and banana pizza

    TheCreepyCrowTheCreepyCrowMonth ago
  • Cheesy marmite toast? Australians eat that all the time

    Chicken ManChicken ManMonth ago
  • The tuna doesn’t even seem that bad

    DaGoat42 BruhDaGoat42 BruhMonth ago
  • I got to know where Link got the Lionel Ritchie/Waldo crossover tshirt

    Rick CrossRick CrossMonth ago
  • They are talking about the pizza and how there was a box with something written in portuguese, and as a Brazillian I am pretty sure that this thing was created in Brazil because we do not know limits in here

    FerbieFerbieMonth ago
  • The loser didn't eat anything at the end...

    edianehedianehMonth ago
  • Me: *is genuinely tired for once* My brain: *how about some existential dread*

    000000Month ago
  • BECAUSE YOU CANT FAKE PINK CHEESE? possibly. Who knows

    Allison BowieAllison BowieMonth ago
  • We said Vee-enna too.

    Tien HernandezTien HernandezMonth ago
  • How do you layer peanut butter so perfectly

    JohnKneeJohnKneeMonth ago
  • i only eat lettuce wrapped burgers i feel attacked 😂😂😂

    Bethany HallowellBethany HallowellMonth ago
  • Did Rhett just compare mayo to bananas?

    Average ManAverage ManMonth ago
  • How dare they mess with pizza

    Kolton ButlerKolton ButlerMonth ago
  • kryptonite 3 doors down

    beth readbeth readMonth ago
  • My grandma likes peanut butter and onion with butter sandwiches but like nicely chopped onion ive made it for her like 3 times

    LucanTheFuccinElfLucanTheFuccinElfMonth ago
  • Rhett really wants a family reunion

    Travis MuellerTravis MuellerMonth ago
  • As someone who’s British( Scottish to be exact) I have never heard of cheese and marmite 😭

    tzuyuwutzuyuwuMonth ago
  • *i can feel the heartburn*

    StrawberrisxStrawberrisxMonth ago
  • 6:38, thank me later.

    AlinaAlinaMonth ago
  • There should be a part 2 to this, featuring the Oreo cheese crab.

    Mr. ParanoiacMr. ParanoiacMonth ago
  • Was Bloodnog a food crime?

    Kevin SullivanKevin SullivanMonth ago
  • Buy a plane ticket to Indianapolis. Drive to West Lafayette, IN (Purdue Campus). Go to Triple XXX Burger. Order Duane Purvis burger. You're welcome.

    Tactical CowboyTactical CowboyMonth ago
  • My USworlds dads 🥺🥺

    Holly DixonHolly DixonMonth ago
  • Cheesy marmite toast is NOT a thing in England

    Sarah HartleySarah HartleyMonth ago
  • My grandfather used to do Grape Jelly and onion. Basically, he'd have a half of a grape jelly sandwich - take a bite of onion then the sandwich.

    gannman1975gannman1975Month ago
  • Food Crimes! "No not the ones in Dahmer's freezer.." LMAO

    Lizzie HollandLizzie HollandMonth ago
  • I was like, oh Dorito cereal would be fine... and then they said Mountain Dew...

    TheManyTheManyMonth ago
  • did they forget the will it pizza episode where they put bubblegum on their pizza lmao?

    Will GrahamWill GrahamMonth ago
  • them: Food crimes me: cursed images😳

    FelicityFelicityMonth ago
  • Pineapple on pizza is a crime

    AlexOtwAlexOtwMonth ago
  • I really, really like Link's shirt.

    Dylan GreenDylan GreenMonth ago
  • This is funny

    Tom PlatypusTom PlatypusMonth ago
  • in college, this is fancy living

    Cade ThompsonCade ThompsonMonth ago
  • Can I PLEASE have Link’s shirt.

    Abigail HayesAbigail HayesMonth ago
  • No candy cane pizza?

    EineKartoffelEineKartoffelMonth ago
  • We need a smosh eat it or yeet it with these foods since mythical productions owns them

    Angela SharpAngela SharpMonth ago
  • The second one is too close to aspec (spaghettios)

    Secrets of a Snow UnicornSecrets of a Snow UnicornMonth ago
  • Marmite and cheese on crumpets is good. Do half with marmite and cheese and half with just butter and cheese. It's such a good thing.

    Sky NightZSky NightZMonth ago
  • With a gluten allergy I have to say lettuce used as burger buns is genius

    Sarah ESarah EMonth ago
  • Growing up in australia I have had my fair share of vegemite and cheese on toast/sandwiches... but I wonder what it would be like with mustard...

    TienTienMonth ago
  • I called the last poll no cap.

    Anton BaptistaAnton BaptistaMonth ago
  • Stop.

    Ruben WhitterRuben WhitterMonth ago
  • Fun fact, Australia now sells mountain dew flavoured doritos! 😂

    Kae StarrKae StarrMonth ago
  • It’s funny when you guess 57% before they even say it😂

    Matthew GuerreroMatthew GuerreroMonth ago
  • I like lettuce wrapped burgers. I can't eat more than 40 carbs a day or I'll get sick.

    E RyuuE RyuuMonth ago
  • Can we just appreciate link's shirt? It's a masterpiece

    BeanzBeanzMonth ago
  • What items marmight

    whats your worthwhats your worthMonth ago

    Charlotte SchoneCharlotte SchoneMonth ago
  • Where did Link get that shirt!?!?

    Kevin GuzmanKevin GuzmanMonth ago
  • My 9 year old daughter's favorite sandwich has always been baloney and peanut butter on whole wheat bread.

    Karen HebertKaren HebertMonth ago
  • Rhett, the lettuce-wrapped burger is amazing. Just try it.

    NCW ProductionsNCW ProductionsMonth ago
  • caulk

    КуперКуперMonth ago
  • okay but like, my moms a celiac and she can’t eat any bread or anything like that so the lettuce wrapped burger is a really good alternative for her cause there’s not a lot of good gluten free bread

    PegasusPegasusMonth ago
  • 🌼💕💝💝💖💖💖💞💝💝💕🌼🌼🌼💕💕💝💞💖💖💞💝💕🌼

    Tra'mayne GainesTra'mayne GainesMonth ago
  • The thought of Doritos and Mountain Dew...... *shivers*

    Sean BeeSean Bee2 months ago