You’re Washing Dishes Wrong

May 13, 2020
735 355 Views

Today, Link is teaching you the right way to wash your dishes. GMM #1739
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  • the fact that I wash my dishes the exact same as link does is kinda spooky

    Multi_fan_ ktrashMulti_fan_ ktrash2 days ago
  • That song that Link sang about putting his wood in a machine has big Charlie Kelly from Its Always Sunny Vibes amirite xD

    So merぇフヂSo merぇフヂ5 days ago
  • TOM! Ik weet niet wie je bent, maar ik kom ook uit Valkenswaard :)

    PhalxEonPhalxEon6 days ago
  • I’d love to watch a “clean with me” video from link!! & Rhett can help so we can laugh at his misery 😂

    Jasmin KelleyJasmin Kelley7 days ago
  • Link would really like a three compartment sink: Wash, rinse, sanitize. Also air drying is absolutely the best and most hygienic way to dry your dishes, because bacteria collects on the towel that you're smearing all over the dishes you just cleaned. No one listen to this man. He is a showering expert though

    Zach K.Zach K.9 days ago
  • This was a great sketch guys!

    Perry FosterPerry Foster10 days ago
  • Rhett facial expression to Link over explaining is something I need in my life forever

    J PoseJ Pose19 days ago
  • Dear god why

    Skyler O'RiordanSkyler O'Riordan25 days ago
  • I avoid placing my spoons in the same utensil compartment to discourage potential spooning.

    foxbasealphafoxbasealpha26 days ago
  • Oh my god. I'm Link.

    stormi stonerstormi stonerMonth ago
  • Is it just me or is 90% of this common knowledge?😂 I’ve always washed dishes like this (except dividing the utensils in the dishwasher)

    Maria vdlMaria vdlMonth ago
  • Ah jeez Link

    Agnes AAgnes AMonth ago
  • My husband needs to watch this video daily. Until the principles sink in

    mstinasugarmstinasugarMonth ago
  • i just realized that link has children and his children go to school which means at least some of the people from his children’s school are seeing link talking to his dish washer seductively👁__👁

    selener :]selener :]Month ago
  • How old is Lincoln

    ッAzubi_Meatball4349ッッAzubi_Meatball4349ッMonth ago
  • I confused. Why am I watching two grown men do the dishes? lol

    Kana BeatsKana Beats2 months ago
  • Rhett looks like he is wearing earrings and it suits him so well

    ReaganReagan2 months ago
  • Link and Lincoln are me and my mom 😂😂😂

    Aksa 7Aksa 72 months ago
  • This is not a gift, it's a curse. Now I just want to teach OCD Link how to deal with dishes even FASTER and more EFFICIENTLY. It hurts us both.

    SJActressSJActress3 months ago
  • I was excited to watch this, except my mom has a $600 dishwasher, and my husband has a free dishwasher (me). You taught me nothing except I can't do what I do more efficiently unless I'm a machine. Thanks?

    SJActressSJActress3 months ago
  • When did Lincoln get so...grown?

    Larissa DawnLarissa Dawn3 months ago
  • For Hygieia's sake CLEAN your dishwasher!

    Alien AvatarAlien Avatar3 months ago
  • Son... Go away

    Reba RoXisReba RoXis3 months ago
  • This is the opposite of Rhett's wake up sheeple vids.. how Rhett is here is how Link is listening to Rhetts crazy.. its exactly the same... lol

    Raukura CaveRaukura Cave3 months ago
  • I'm convinced link made this episode to educate his kids

    ollieoveritollieoverit3 months ago
  • I'm pretty sure I've never seen Link so excited in a video ever

    SliestDragon225 GamingSliestDragon225 Gaming3 months ago
  • Link: Other people don't do it right! Lincoln: You didn't do it right.

    Raspy 1243Raspy 12433 months ago
  • I started using the "large bowl as a wash basin" technique years ago. My mom thought I was crazy. These days I don't pool any water when I wash dishes. I just run water, scrub, run water. My mom calls it "cat-washing" the dishes.

    mikeysrosemikeysrose3 months ago
  • The problem with putting like with like in the utensil holders is: What if the spoons nestle together at some point in the washing process? THEY WON'T GET CLEAN, LINK!

    mikeysrosemikeysrose3 months ago
  • Rhett's critique at 6:27 was exactly what we needed in that moment.

    mikeysrosemikeysrose3 months ago
  • I miss having a dishwasher, I also load the dish washer just like link

    Kathryn KellarKathryn Kellar3 months ago
  • I rinse the bowls, then I wet the sponge and get scrubbing, then rinse the final time.

    11I1I11I11I1I11I4 months ago

    DenzixDenzix4 months ago
  • This episode was so strange, but also very enjoyable.

    Scott BlasingameScott Blasingame4 months ago
  • It's like I'm having a weird GMM dream... Or a nightmare

    DarknoorXDarknoorX4 months ago
  • "You gotta get your hands on your wood" - Link Neal 2020

    HaoKhudJoHaoKhudJo4 months ago
  • I think Link needs a water softener for his dishes, laundry and, for the love of God, his skin.

    Liquid GoldLiquid Gold4 months ago
  • Hence proven. Link is Monica incarnate 😂

    aisha khanaisha khan4 months ago
  • Awesome

    Kimberley WKimberley W4 months ago
  • This is what I always did with my dishes. Always. I never thought it was wierd. At least I know Link also does it.

    Julia SchonegevelJulia Schonegevel4 months ago
  • Rhett’s face at -7:46 😂😂😂 the utter shock!!!

    Daniel WardwellDaniel Wardwell4 months ago
  • Agree with most, however, you don't put spoons with only spoons! Why? because they um spoon... only one side will be cleaned. After taking a fork tine up the fingernail, forks are now considered 'sharp things' for me and go down.

    Tommy SanborneTommy Sanborne4 months ago
  • This whole video feels like a skit. I love it. 😂

    HayzeTasticHayzeTastic4 months ago
  • The Netherlands yesssss

    iris westrairis westra4 months ago
  • “This is an artist under estimation” I can’t

    KalebKaleb4 months ago
  • Problematic that you said to dry your dishes. Always air dry. It is never recommended to towel dry or anything because it can introduce bacteria and succh

    Caitlyn MandarinoCaitlyn Mandarino4 months ago
  • I need to know where all of his dishes are from 😍💘 those cups!!!! And plates and mugs!!! Omg

    Moira HerlihyMoira Herlihy4 months ago
  • I might like some more videos of Links systems 🤔

    ToObserve923ToObserve9234 months ago
  • my house has basically the same process of washing dishes

    jaijai4 months ago
  • Oh no, Link... Don't put the spoons together if you can help it! They nest and don't get clean...

    TustalioTustalio4 months ago
  • I may have missed it, but did y’all discuss which way to put silverware into the dishwasher?! Does it go face up or down!?

    Devin DevitoDevin Devito4 months ago
  • Link, angrily: “The dishes need to know *who’s boss.* ”

    Belle —Belle —4 months ago
  • tell me why i do my dishes like this now

    Lilly GraceLilly Grace4 months ago
  • Lmao at how quickly Rhett's face fell when Link said he had written a jingle 😂

    *hellodarknessmyoldfriend**hellodarknessmyoldfriend*4 months ago
  • I relate to this so much. I have a system for everything and it all makes perfect sense and is totally justified in my head, but when I explain it to people I get a lot of rhett-like reactions lol

    Presley MoorePresley Moore4 months ago
  • I always put my wood in the machine 👀

    Sam DammersSam Dammers4 months ago
  • Aaa, so this is why they're friends: so Link can torture Rhett by overexplaining everything XD

    Kirby1992Kirby19924 months ago
  • I'm not sure if im more sad for Rhett and Link for having to resort to this content to keep the channel going during this virus or for myself because I find myself sitting here watching 2 grown men wash a dish and shaking my head "YES"

    Daniel FlanaganDaniel Flanagan4 months ago
  • Link's the King and the dishes are his royal subjects.

    Mae Mariz MonteroMae Mariz Montero4 months ago
  • Real talk, this was actually super helpful.

    Alexi ReynoldsAlexi Reynolds4 months ago
  • Me who doesn’t do dishes: *interesting*

    Da PandaDa Panda4 months ago
  • Could we not talk about wood

    Da PandaDa Panda4 months ago
  • 3:35 NO LINK NO

    Da PandaDa Panda4 months ago
  • Link's a maniac and I personally just have 2 dishwashers at my house...

    YoungAnn AnimationsYoungAnn Animations4 months ago
  • Love you guys

    GeorgiexrGeorgiexr4 months ago
  • I hope you guys are all well

    GeorgiexrGeorgiexr4 months ago
  • Link is a dream guy

    Daisy eDaisy e4 months ago
  • And he wondered why he was always washing dishes in fan fics lmao.

    Offstar1029Offstar10294 months ago
  • I just so happen to be watching this before I have to do my dishes but I dont have a dishwasher

    momo- chanmomo- chan4 months ago
  • Feel better Rhett!

    ItsEvanWilsonItsEvanWilson4 months ago
  • I see you Link. Face Down, Ass Up 5:04

    Isa DonIsa Don4 months ago
  • so was nobody going to tell me that links son was THAT cute

    summerlyn sciblesummerlyn scible4 months ago
  • Thank you, Link! I’ll show this to my spouse so he can ignore you the same way he ignores me and my kitchen cleaning systems. Systems like this really do make life easier, though, and he comes around eventually. Great video!

    EcoEnviousEcoEnvious5 months ago
  • I need this to happen more often

    Jumpy MaxJumpy Max5 months ago
  • 2xa² = ² + c² = bc A fourth of me understands this may by an imagination, but I thought I could be one to solve this. I'm still not sure if I truly see this joke. Thanks, that time-sink, trust-fall of an abstraction's as militantly useless as L when skipping Davin's photo, because my capacity excludes permittivity. Magnets are simply miracles, I guess. So I'll take ƒ(3) =2^-3 + ε = c005 at face-value: The function of a data archive is triage over data capture to the power of a data archive, and one-time permittivity is (borderline) contravention. Since Phase One is the sole link to USworlds, that interpretation's immaterial. After tablin' n' head-desking, I'm aching for a vacation.

    Dagney DigironimoDagney Digironimo5 months ago
  • I'd refuse to do dishes at all if I had to do all this just to wash dishes.... 😑😂

    The Mongrel maagThe Mongrel maag5 months ago
  • But I don’t have a dish washer 🤣

    Cadence AlveyCadence Alvey5 months ago
  • No divider in the sink? Just how and why?

    Daniel RobinsonDaniel Robinson5 months ago
  • Or you teach your kids to finish all their food?

    Eddy CraftEddy Craft5 months ago
  • im surprised people still pre-rinse dishes at all tbh

    DanDan5 months ago
  • My mom walked in right when you sang the jingle

    TheTwinTuberzTheTwinTuberz5 months ago
  • Was Link really confused why all those fanfics mentioned him dishwashing?

    Esther LeClaireEsther LeClaire5 months ago
  • My brain hurts

    TigerJack 177TigerJack 1775 months ago
  • This actually helping.. I was on my way to clean the kitchen

    Maria AtasiMaria Atasi5 months ago
  • Hey Link here's my jingle: Never ever ever have I owned a dish machine, how I wish I could it would make life better! I use my hands to scrub my dishes clean, but I've never ever ever owned a dish washing machine 😥

    MidnightMuseMidnightMuse5 months ago
  • Ok but like solid advice 👌

    Kacie NicholsonKacie Nicholson5 months ago
  • So much sarcasm in the comments, am I the only one that legitimately likes the Link teaches you how to clean something videos? I feel vindicated because I am also a little OCD lol!

    miriamg32miriamg325 months ago
  • Love that this is the episode I showed my mom

    Boo KillerBoo Killer5 months ago
  • Anyone else just stop and look at how much their hair has changed, sometimes?

    The Flash StickmanThe Flash Stickman5 months ago
  • I’m surprised link is a Gemini and not a Virgo

    Rachel MillerRachel Miller5 months ago
  • Not sure Rhett was 100% on board with this whole dishwashing idea! I totally agree with his method of letting other people wash them!👍

    Laurie OwenLaurie Owen5 months ago
  • Smurf glasses - respect!

    randomviewmonitorrandomviewmonitor5 months ago
  • I now have internet proof that there is at least one other person as neurotic as me. Link, I think we were twins separated at birth.

    Rachel WeldRachel Weld5 months ago
  • FINALLY I literally go through this with my boyfriend every time we’re filling the dishwasher 😂😂 this is perfect

    KotesKotes5 months ago
  • Link is so OCD.

    Patrick LovedayPatrick Loveday5 months ago
  • Lol love the song

    basingerblack1basingerblack15 months ago
  • next link, you can do an edition for people who don't own a dishwasher >.>

    Bendak StarkillerBendak Starkiller5 months ago
  • i love this episode

    Hangin with KimmyHangin with Kimmy5 months ago
  • try the filipino way

    CKG 1130CKG 11305 months ago
  • You know, it felt like they hadn't done a "Rhett's conspiracies" or "Link's weird methods of doing things" video in a while, but the quarantine format really seemed to complement them.

    MattChatsMattChats5 months ago